P-40 Kitty Hawk – ZW3D

P-40 Kitty Hawk

P-40 Kitty Hawk is a model made to test ZW3D's advanced surface modeling tools.  As a result, ZW3D is awesome with fluent surfacing tools.

Since the purpose is to test ZW3D's features, I have modified the fuselage a little bit and put different big guns instead of 6 automatic machine guns.  In addition, this is not my regular way of modeling a fuselage.  This is just a straight forward model.  But you may not manage to use the same techniques that I used smoothly here, with the well-known CAD packages.  Simply put, this is the power of ZW3D! 


P-40 Renders


ZW3D | P-40 Process Screenshots
P-40 Process Screenshots