Spherical: A Compact Electric Car

Spherical |  Compact Electric Car


Spherical is a concept which I was thinking about for a while.  It does not look unique, but it is unique in user and driving experience.  I will try to prepare a separate page demonstrating it's design features.  It all started with a rough sketch of mine, just a fast, perspective drawing with no orthographic views.  I like the beetle concept so much, the original one in 30's, so that I always wanted to design and model one regardless of any trend in the world, just the way I like it. That is all...  

My priorities in car design first start with high ground clearance.  Maybe that is because I am not a speed fan. 🙂 With high ground clearance your vehicle starts to be available on any terrain type which comes first for me like Spherical has min. 32cm ground clearance depending on which version you have.  A multi-purpose vehicle.  Well, do not forget that this is an electric vehicle, unlike the conventional ones, it does not need hundreds of kilos of battery weight to drive  a few hundred kilometers.    This is one of the main features of Spherical.  It means that we have plenty of storage and inner space in this car.  Please pay attention to all hatches around the car and lock buttons.  Things are far simpler than we used to with this car... 

I hope you enjoy the overall look.



Modeling Process with ZW3D

Spherical | Renders

Spherical | Color Set

Spherical | Black Series

Spherical | Renders with Sunroof

Spherical | Police Patrol Car