FreeWing |  A jet powered glider...

FreeWing is a jet powered glider, designed for the Ultimate Flight Experience. 

Jet Engine:  The purpose of the jet engine is to produce the required drag with minimum engine trust, so that fuel consumption will be at the minimum level which will bring the longest flight time possible.  And the aircraft can be supported with additional fuel tanks as well.

Foldable Wing:  The only reason to use foldable wing is to occupy least space in the hangar, so that more aircraft could be parked inside.

Glider / Military:  It is a glider, because the whole purpose is to experience the longest commercial flight at one flight.  Power of the jet engine could be utilized when needed.  At this point, I started to think about the military reconnaissance missions,  a jet powered glider could be a nice strategic advantage, as well as U2 served and designed for the same purpose...  So this aircraft can be used for basic flight training and could be more with the advantage of jet power and for the reconnaissance missions with a multi-functional POD placed under the fuselage.

UAV: Concept of UAV is the trending approach as we all know so far.  The cockpit transforms into an AI-Information Center and does the whole job of take-off, flight, landing and communication with the command center.


Modeling Process with ZW3D

FreeWing | Commercial Color Schemes

FreeWing | Camouflage Set


FreeWing | UAV Version