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E-02  The Mole  is another electric car which I drew a sketch for  a few years ago.  It is a two seater city-travel vehicle.  Since my sole purpose was to convert the idea into a 3D reality, I haven't spent too much time on design details.  As you see the sketch at the left, it is the only input to this project.  I converted it to a 3D CAD file from a freehand sketch.  I hope you enjoy the overall look.  I have to confess that I had several ideas on the design while modeling it, since I don't have too much time for it, I didn't get into any further detail or design variations.  But I am sure, that it means a lot more when you see it in 3D.


In addition, the name "Mole" comes from the front view.  When I see the front of the car, I found it so cute like a face of a cartoon character mole, so that I named the concept as "The Mole".



E-02 The Mole | Renders

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