Tutorial Book #1 (Connecting Wing to Fuselage On a WWII Plane in SolidWorks)

Tutorial Book #1

It was 2005 or before, that I promised my self to make a 3D Model of Project Tiger. It is the freehand sketch which had ended up in 3D as seen in the background. This is how the Project Tiger story begins. You can see several versions of it on my Concept Vehicles page.

As every surface modeler knows, it could be so tough at times to maintain curvature continuity. Learning and experiencing it is another challenge, and it does not come easy for sure.

That is why the sole purpose of this tutorial, following and upcoming ones are to teach and guide you through some specific Advanced Surface Modeling situations and to give you some inspiration on your projects or to excell your skills on Surface Modeling. I just want to share my humble opinion and knowledge on surface modeling to help people solve some specific occasions.

Intermediate or advanced level SolidWorks knowledge is necessary for this tutorial.

Second part of this book demonstrates some rendered images to show how your detailed, quality work pays off in the end. It always does!


How to connect Wing to Fuselage on a WWII Fighter Plane in SolidWorks